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воскресенье, 23 октября 2011 г.

Jenne Lombardo

"I do shop [at Topshop] a lot because it's down the street from my house. For me in New York, I don't have those 'Aha!' fashion discovery moments. I never get that at home. I have so much more fun when I go home to Cleveland, or to Pennsylvania or Montauk. In New York everyone has such a keen eye and it's not like you're discovering some new treasure. It's already been discovered." Vintage hat, Acne t-shirt, vintage Givenchy jacket, vintage skirt, Esquivel boots

On her current haircut: "I was at a shoot and I decided that I'd like how my hair looked shaved. The stylist was like the naughty big sister I never had, she was like-- 'Do it! You have to!'" Isabel Marant shirt, vintage skirt and belt, YSL shoes

"My jewelry is Pamela Love, a dear friend of mine. I try to transition out of it but I always go back to Pam's stuff. It gives me the right amount of edge, even when I'm wearing something conservative." Pamela Love jewelry
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